5 Steps to Sucess

We'll get to know you

We will be working together for years to come so it's important we understand who you are, what challenges are you struggling with and what are your goals. You will speak to one of our experienced team and we will ask you every possible question to find out as much about you and your company as we can.

We'll learn your products

We will be an extension of your company and so it's absolutely crucial we learn as much about your products as possible. We will take as much time as needed to train our team on your products to ensure we give your customers world class service the same way you do. 

We'll plug you in

We'll integrate all of your selling channels with our systems. We are using a range of software to streamline everything we do and all of these systems are yours free of charge. Dashboards and complete transparency is key and we will provide you with all the necessary training and knowledge so you can keep and eye real time on your stock levels, dispatch, returns and so much more,

You'll send your stock to us

You send your stock to one of our warehouses, we will unload, unpack, label it and get it ready for dispatch. We might send you a picture or two posing with your fresh delivery.

We'll get cracking

From this moment on, you sit and relax and watch your items being sent to customers automatically. This is the time to focus your energy on growing your business and making a cup of tea in the process.