Matej and Lauren, founders of US Launch Pad and UK Launch Pad, are on a mission to bring simplicity to the national and international fulfilment industry. As eCommerce business owners themselves with fast growing companies the natural progression was to conquer the US…easier said than done!

After two long, hard and VERY expensive (£210,000 no less) years of setting up a business State side. In 2017 they eventually got the green light from the US Embassy to begin legally trading.

By 2018 they had grown significantly and begun distributing for other UK brands. It was this natural progression of helping other UK brands launch and sell their products in the US without the stress and huge price tag that US Launch Pad was born.

Going from just one to nine clients within three months, this rapid growth continued and US Launch Pad was creating waves within the international fulfilment industry simply by bringing simplicity to the process of British businesses launching and selling in the US.

In 2019, clients wanted US Launch Pad to also do their UK fulfilment, mirroring the same service and simplicity they were receiving in the US, and UK Launch Pad was born.

One year later, two warehouse expansions (UK and US) and a pandemic under their belts the team are continuing to challenge the ‘industry standard’ by creating a fulfilment centre and team any company would be proud to have as part of their business.

‘We are creating quick and easy national and international fulfilment…there’s no need for any of the ‘faff’ that has come about over the years and certainly no need for all of the new ‘charges’ coming into play. We are striping it back and keeping it simple’

Lauren – Co-founder

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